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Kim Hua Guan - Established in Singapore since 1960s.

Founder Mr Ng started the business committed in delivering customer satisfaction and assured his customers of the highest quality and freshness.

Today, Kim Hua Guan has successfully established herself as one of the most traditional brands in the barbecued meat industry.


The History

Bak Kwa is a Chinese dried pork product prepared using a unique preservation and cooking technique. The sliced pork is marinated before it is air-dried and cooked over a hot plate. This sweet and savoury delicacy is thought to have come from a meat preservation and preparation technique that was used in ancient China. It originates from Fujian province in China. Singaporeans taken this sweet delight and tweaked the recipe a little to suit our taste. The Bak Kwa is grilled over charcoal, instead of hotplate, to achieve that smoky flavour.

There are two main varieties of Bak Kwa in Singapore. Minced pork and Slice pork. Minced pork is prepared by shaping minced meat into slices before grilling them. Slice Pork however, is prepared by cutting of slices from a solid block of meat.